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What you should know before renting a photocopier

Posted On 05/07/2022

The benefits and considerations of renting a photocopier

Picture this: it’s 9.07am on Tuesday morning. You’re waiting in a four person-deep queue because the decade-old photocopier isn’t pulling its weight.

Then the inevitable: it throws a temper tantrum and jams.

The office is thrown back into the stone age.

Until artificial intelligence goes mainstream, and Black Mirror is part of our history books—printing and photocopying is an essential, underrated part of your everyday office life.

The cost of a high-quality, reliable photocopier and printer is a significant upfront cost for a growing small or medium-sized business. As a result, photocopier leases are a popular alternative for growing companies. Compared to buying a copier outright, modern offices also appreciate the flexibility that comes with a rental.

Need a new photocopier rental for your office? Call 1300 159 792 and ask the experts at Copysonic today.

If your at-home printer or office device is lagging on the latest printing and photocopying tech, Copysonic is Melbourne’ premier and leading copier retailer specialists.

Copysonic has provided offices with new and used photocopying solutions for over 25 years. Our continued and consistent services are a testament to our commitment to finding the best copier lease options for customers.

If you’re considering renting a photocopier for your office, we’ve outlined things you might need to consider before renting a photocopier. If you have any further questions or inquiries about our products, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

Why rent from us?

woman using a photocopier rental

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Copysonic is always dedicated to putting the needs of customers first by providing tailored print solutions. Our team members are always available to talk on the phone or face-to-face, in order to provide the best copy solutions for what your office requires.

We’re proud of our exceptional customer service, and we think our long-term, happy customers are the best advocates for us.

In case you need more excuses to contact us, we’ve outlined the key considerations in more detail below.

Cost saving

The costs of renting

copier rental is a cheap and economical alternative to purchasing a new photocopier. With both new and used models available to rent, our team would be happy to chat through the rental options to find a model that suits your office and budget.

The leasing cost for a new copier model can be quite low. For example, a minimum two-year rental with Copysonic can set your office back as little as $100 per month.

The costs of buying

It’s true that over time, the ongoing costs of rental can exceed the upfront cost of a brand new purchase. However, office equipment and technology evolves reasonably quickly, meaning that it’s likely that a new model could become obsolete or outdated within a few years. Think about how many of your friends still own an iPhone 5, or have upgraded in the last five years.

The other advantage of a rental is being able to keep up with your growing business. The copier needs of a startup differ significantly from an established agency, but with a rental copier your lease can grow in step with your company.

Tailor solutions

Our experienced former and current technicians have all the right knowledge to find your office the perfect copier fit. We’re dedicated to continuing to provide rentals that cater to your office’s budget and system requirements.

All state-of-the-art used and new copier rental models are loaded with impressive features such as a cloud-based printing option.

Flexible Lease

Flexible lease options mean that your office always has the opportunity to move onto or upgrade to a different model. Leases can last as little as twelve months, giving your office the stability and flexibility to change or lease the same photocopier model in the next year.

It means that your printing and photocopying needs can always meet the changing needs of your office. A copier lease can be extended from one to five years if you change your mind too.

Ongoing Support

Every copier lease agreement from Copysonic comes with 12-month warranty. Additional coverage is available for maintenance checks and toner refills, and our technicians can make a same day service call to fix or refill your model.


To view copier brands up for rent, you can view the Copysonic range here. We recommend getting in touch with our customer service specialists by phone or email to get the conversation started, so we can provide copier rental recommendations based on your office’s budget and workflow needs.

Get a new photocopier that will boost your office’s workflow. Call one of our photocopier lease experts on 1300 159 792 today.

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