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What is print optimisation and how can it help your business?

Posted On 19/08/2022

Print optimisation for a business is an excellent way for analysing, restricting and recovering costs.

In today’s modern, data-driven society—efficiency is the key to any sustainable business, whether you are a small business owner starting out or heading up a large corporation.

Print optimisation and multi-phased managed print services (MPS) solutions are continuously evolving and changing with ongoing developments with technology, software and processes.

The opportunity for businesses is to capitalise on productivity improvements as there are opportunities for print cost saving across their IT departments.

As a leader in printing and copier solutions in Melbourne, Copysonic is committed to providing businesses with the best solutions tailored to their needs. As a team, we often work with all your key stakeholders (for example, employees and users, decision makers and IT personnel) to find and customise the best possible solution for your business, in every environment. This allows us to maximise the efficiency of your printer or copier rental or purchase, in order to meet your business’s needs at the lowest costs.

What is print optimisation

In a nutshell, print optimisation is the ability for your business to optimise your printing and copying devices, reducing unnecessary running costs and minimising the impact on the business and environment.

In short, there are features and functions that can be enabled. Once enabled, businesses can analyse, restrict or recover costs for their printer or copier on an individual, account, departmental or business basis.

Print optimisation can include:

  • Isolating texts and graphics that are the same across printing documents, in order for the printer to process a code describing text and graphics only once for similar documents instead of doing it all over again in each print run
  • Directing large print jobs to the highest-speed printers in your organisation
  • Compressing print files
  • Displaying messages that request the end users to confirm single-sided printing instead of double-sided printing
  • Automatically deleting jobs with incorrect paper size settings
  • Suggesting an alternative printer when a print device is not operational

Why is it important?

Early studies have indicated that implementing recommendations from a print optimisation plan can save a business anywhere between 20% to 30% in costs.

As the technological landscape continually changes, print optimisation represents a significant opportunity for any business to reduce costs, save time and cut back on resources.

How can print optimisation work?

Monitoring and controlling: Statistics, user interfaces and log files allows businesses to monitor and report on all printing in the company, in order to identify inefficiencies. This data can have a huge impact on business processes, production and costs.

reducing paper waste

Lower environmental impact: Print optimisation gives businesses the ability to reduce waste, saves toner and optimise archives, through directing the best printing jobs to the appropriate printer.

In turn, this reduces energy consumption and mitigates the environmental impact of the company, while saving time and money.

Optimising print files: When files are very large, print processes are slowed down. Print optimisation systems allow files to be compressed without compromising document quality. This, in turn, reduces bandwidth consumption and can assist with speeding up print processes.

How Copysonic can help

Print optimisation can be achieved in several ways, including taking stock of all printing and imaging devices, in order for a business to understand all the costs and work associated with particular printers.

This can reveal printing trends and gaps in the business where your printer or copier could be upgraded in order to be more efficient and save the company costs.

Whether you’re looking to update your printer or multifunction copier systems through rentals or a new purchase, Copysonic works closely with a businesses’ employees and IT personnel to ensure we find best, cost-efficient solutions for every company.

If you have any questions on print optimisation for your business, please get in touchOffering solutions to Melbourne offices since 1992, we have decades worth of experience and advice at Copysonic. We’d love to help.

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