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Printers: The Facts About Leasing vs Buying

Posted On 15/05/2023

The Facts About Printers Leasing vs Buying: Thinking of getting copiers for lease? If you need a photocopier machine for your office, you may consider getting the machine for lease. However, if you have a high budget and want a photocopier machine for everyday use, you can even buy a photocopier.

Office copier machines are extremely versatile; they can be used for a wide range of purposes in business settings and applications including printing documents, creating marketing materials, scanning documents, printing labels, stickers and other types of documents. Whether you buy a new device or go for photocopier rentals, such devices can help improve productivity, efficiency and communication in your workplace.

What are the Advantages of Taking Copiers for Lease?

Cost savings:

Taking copiers for lease is more cost-effective than buying a printer outright. Leasing will allow your businesses to spread the cost of the printer, making it easier to manage cash flow and budget.


Taking copiers for lease will allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest technology without having to invest in new equipment every few years.

No Extra Cost:

Taking copiers for lease will help reduce the cost of maintaining the printer over time.

Additional Benefits:

The cost of taking copiers for lease can often be deducted as a business expense, which can provide tax benefits for businesses.

Minimal Investment: Leasing a printer requires minimal upfront investment compared to purchasing a printer, which can be especially beneficial for businesses with limited capital.

Points To Remember:

Remember renting a printer may cost high as it also includes both ongoing rental fees and maintenance costs. You will also have

limited options for customisation. Identify your key printing requirements and set a budget aside to cover the rental cost.

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to buy photocopiers for your business? Consider leasing or buying your printers at Copysonic. Contact us today to learn more about our printer leasing and purchasing options.

What are the Advantages of Buying A Photocopier?


When you buy a photocopier, you will have complete control over the equipment; allowing you to use it as needed without any restrictions.


While the upfront cost of purchasing a photocopier may be higher than renting or leasing, over the long term, buying a photocopier is more cost-effective for businesses with high-volume copying needs.


Buying a photocopier will allow you to customise the equipment to meet your specific needs, such as adding finishing options or integrating the photocopier with other equipment.

No Extra Payments:

When you buy a photocopier, you don’t have to worry about making monthly lease or rental payments, which can help with cash flow and budget management.

More Flexibility:

Unlike leasing or renting, buying a photocopier doesn’t come with any contractual obligations, giving you more freedom to use the equipment as needed and upgrade or replace it at your discretion.

Points To Remember:

The cost of buying a photocopier or printer might be higher than renting. So, if you don’t have the budget to buy a new device, you can always consider renting it. But if your work requires a printer or photocopier almost every day, then buying a new device is the right option for you.


Buying a photocopier can have its drawbacks, including upfront costs, maintenance and repair costs. But it comes with its own set of benefits and advantages in the long run. It’s important to consider these factors carefully when deciding whether to buy or rent a printer for your business.

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