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How to save on photocopier costs

Posted On 15/08/2022

Cutting costs, saving time and increasing efficiency

Improving productivity while reducing costs

Depending on your business, printing can be very expensive. The costs of paper, toner, energy and maintenance all add up over the course of a financial year. If your organization uses a printing device every day, there are probably some ways that you can be saving on photocopier costs.

Thankfully, modern copiers are a far cry from their clunky ancestors. They are now essential office assets that can perform many functions, using less resources and energy than ever before. Sometimes, the cheapest way to save money is to upgrade.

If your business requires an efficient and cost effective copier solution, talk to the team at Copysonic. Our range of multifunction devices and service capabilities will have your businesses running at peak capacity.

Practice the basics

There are several easy ways offices can cut down on printing expenses. Unfortunately, these are often forgotten amid the hustle and bustle of every day work life.

  1. Use both sides. It’s a small change, but one that will save you hundreds each year. Printing on both sides of the page will literally cut your paper bill in half.
  2. Go greyscale. If you’re producing artwork, chances are you need to proof your work before it goes to off to the printers. Looking at first drafts in greyscale or black-and-white will save on toner costs.
  3. Configure fonts. Did you know that Century Gothic is 31% cheaper to print than Arial? Save yourself money at the click of a button and select a more cost effective font.

Copy less

This may go without saying, but the more you use your device, the more expensive it becomes. Photocopying is the one of the most expensive admin exercises in an office, and should be used sparingly if possible.

  • Use the scanner. Encourage your staff to copy as few physical documents as possible. It’s far more cost-effective to scan and send via email.
  • Revert to print. If you must have physical documents, try and print the digital file rather than copy the original. Printed versions use less ink and are usually of greater quality.
man pressing button on photocopier

Update your systems

If you’re still puttering along with an antique impact printer, it may be time for an update. Multifunction devices are the all-rounders of the printing world. They can copy, scan, send, print and even fax, if you need them to. Consider a multifunction device if you have a variety of printing needs.

  • Many savings. By nature of their design, new multifunction devices save on energy consumption. They also save on floor space, allowing your office to use it for other means.
  • Ownership costs. The increased efficiency of multifunction devices means reduced operational costs on consumables like paper, toner and finishing supplies.
  • High compatibility. Multifunction devices embody usability. This means that they will play nicely with most operating systems, software and document types.

Book a service

Just like cars, photocopiers have many moving parts. Old and new copiers require maintenance to keep them up to snuff. Regular services can prevent against jamming, breakdowns and dips in print quality.

  • Outsource repairs. Photocopiers can be very fickle. Save yourself some grief by contacting a professional. Copysonic’s photocopier repairs and servicing will have you back up and running in no time.
  • Plan ahead. Setting future dates of downtime will ensure that your copier servicing is less disruptive to the normal work day.
person reloading cartridge in photocopier

Change culture

Instigating a cultural shift in the workplace can save your business money. Change always happens from the top down, so let your staff see how committed you are to efficiency.

  • Power down. Electricity is probably the your most expensive utility. Encourage power saving methods like shutting down PCs, using energy efficient lights and putting your copiers in sleep mode.
  • Recycle. It may not seem like much, but reusing scrap paper adds up over time. Remember to recycle your print cartridges, as well will recycle them for free.

Talk to an expert

Whether it’s for producing artwork or printing the odd email, Copysonic can help you get the best results on paper. We have years of experience finding the right copy solutions for businesses around Melbourne. We know that one size does not fit all, and will tailor a product and service to meet your budget and needs.

Get in touch with one of our printer technicians and discover just how efficient your business can become.

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