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How to reduce printing expenses

Posted On 05/07/2022

Try these thrifty tips to reduce printing costs

Ever since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the 15th century, people have strived to reduce the cost of printing.

Today, over five hundred years later, people are still struggling with printing expenses. Businesses can be slugged with high printing costs like:

  • Buying printers
  • Buying ink
  • Power bills
  • Paper
  • Maintenance

At Copysonic, we know the best ways to save money on printing. To help you out and impart some of our knowledge we’ve assembled this list of handy tips.

To stay in the black, contact Copysonic and start saving money on printing today.

Only print when you need to

only print when you need to

Many of the things that get printed out in an office are pointless. Unnecessary, boring spreadsheets and pitch proposals go quickly from the printer to the recycling bin. It’s wasteful, both financially and environmentally.

Businesses can save money by encouraging their staff to use printers less often. For example, you might encourage your staff to try things like:

  • Making use of projectors in meetings, rather than relying on print outs
  • Editing documents online, using Word or Google Docs, rather than going over them with a pen
  • Only using printers for business related activities

Don’t replace ink cartridges at the first message

Ink is frightfully expensive. With a domestic printer, people will go to embarrassing lengths to squeeze every last drop from a cartridge. Have you ever:

  • Shaken a cartridge, hoping to move the ink into a better spot?
  • Changed all the font in a word document to dark blue, so that you don’t have to buy more black ink?

However, folks tend to be more wasteful at work, when they don’t have to pay directly for their own ink.

For example, at the first ‘low ink’ message on their computer, staff will sometimes load up a new cartridge and throw away the old one—even though there’s precious ink still inside.

To save money, encourage a bit of thrift and make sure all the ink gets used up before a cartridge gets replaced.

Rent printers instead of buying them

rent printers for your office

Buying a printer can be a big investment. It doesn’t always pay off. Printers can last a long time, and it’s entirely possible that the printer you buy for your business will outlive it’s usefulness.

A better option? Rent a printer. That way, you only have to pay for the printer for as long as you need it. It means there is less chance of wastage. Other benefits include:

  • Ongoing support
  • Lower upfront costs
  • Not getting saddled with outdated equipment

Upgrade your printers

Old, broken-down printers can be a real hassle. There’s no task more loathed in the office than having to try and fix a paper jam! Ancient printers are annoying, and they can be a real waste of time (and money) for an office.

There is a better way; upgrade the printers in your office. Printing technology is improving all the time, and newer printers could really improve efficiency in your business. In the last few years, there have been terrific advances like:

  • Faster printing
  • Fewer jams
  • Better wireless connection
  • The ability to print documents from a phone
  • Better energy efficiency

Review your inventory: is your printer still the right one for the job?

It’s unlikely that the printing needs of your office are the same now as they were five years ago.

  • Has the business grown? Has the amount of printing gone up? It might be time to get a bigger, faster printer.
  • Is the business pivoting towards digital? Is less printing being done? If you don’t need a big, fancy printer anymore, it might be time to sell it off and downsize.

Buy high capacity cartridge and toner

With ink, as with virtually any product, you save money when you buy in bulk. It costs more money upfront, but in the long run the savings can really add up.

If you buy high capacity cartridge and toner, you’ll have to pay more at the point of sale. However, but over time you’ll reap big benefits.

Don’t get stuck in a paper jam. Find a better financial solution for your office with a new photocopier. Contact Copysonic today to organise a quick quote.

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