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How to access the security of your office copier and printer

Posted On 05/07/2022

Five easy ways to ensure your office copier and printer are secure

Many consumers, offices and businesses still aren’t aware that your multifunctional copiers, and some printers, are built to operate much like computers.

Nearly every digital copier built since the 2000s contains a hard drive — similar to your computer. It means that copiers can store images of every document copied, scanned or emailed by your office machine.

Generally, this data is stored on your copier’s hard drive. When it reaches full capacity, old data is overwritten to make room for new data. This means sensitive information might be stored on your copier’s hard drive. Most companies also store their operating systems on copiers, as well.

And, because many of today’s modern copiers also have network connections, your businesses’ data and security could be at risk. To help you learn how to protect your information, here are five ways to secure your photocopier.

At Copysonic, we ensure all our photocopiers – whether used or rented – are secure.

Regular servicing and security checkups

Printer Servicing

At Copysonic, every service and repair includes thorough security checks to ensure that your multifunction copier is as secure as possible.

A photocopier service can take as little as one hour to complete with minimal interruption to your office’s workflow. Our expert repair technicians aim for a 2 hour response time to every service and repair call.

Our repair technicians will inspect your photocopier, confirm if there are any security issues, and provide a service quote before carrying out any work.

Copysonic will always ensure that your multifunction copier has a hard drive with the most up-to-date program. As technology is ever-evolving, modern programs (otherwise known as firmware) are more secure, less bugs, and some programs can even fix security holes as they occur.


User authentication is key to limiting access to sensitive materials and documents.

User controls and authentication can be as simple as:

  • A username and password
  • PIN numbers
  • Proxy cards

It’s crucial to always follow best practice when creating strong  passwords — specifically avoiding things that can be easily guessed. Common passwords which can be hacked include:

  • Birthdays
  • Pet names
  • Anniversary dates
  • Post codes
  • Phone numbers
  • Bank pins

It’s worth considering installing an automatic log-off function or system time out. For further protection, we recommend regularly resetting any default passwords on network connected devices.

Hard drive protection and resetting hard drives

Office hard drives

Businesses often use multifunction copiers to fax, print and scan important documents. These documents get stored on the hard drive, so it’s essential to perform regular system overwrites.

You can automate an overwrite. We recommend scheduling it once a month, at minimum, for optimal information security.

You should always reset your hard drive and wipe any sensitive information from the machine before it leaves the premises for any reason.

If you forget, it’s not the end of the world. At Copysonic, we ensure all used copiers and rental copiers are wiped both before we give them out and when we get them back.

Encrypted information

End-to-end data encryption means that any data is protected as it transits to and from the machine.

If a user is scanning documents or sending jobs to the printer, the data is otherwise exposed while in transit and can be accessed by external parties.

Data encryption should be in place throughout your business network. The easiest way to do this is to have software installed that encrypts data already on the hard drive or prevents it from being stored.

Physical access

Include premium office tech in your business’ overall security plan. IT security ensures that there are physical access limitations to all copier and printing rooms.

If you have any questions on how to make sure your photocopier is secure  whether it’s new, rented or second-hand  contact Copysonic. Offering solutions to Melbourne offices since 1992, we have decades worth of experience and advice and we’d love to help.

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