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How often should you replace your office printer?

Posted On 19/04/2022

Replacing office printers increases productivity while lowering costs.

Most offices replace their printer every two years. But the two-year mark isn’t what prompts office managers to act.

Recent developments in printer technology are prompting managers to take advantage of the productivity benefits, depreciation advantage, and environmentally friendly technology that new printers provide. However, those advantages aren’t the main catalysts either.

Instead, it’s rising costs, poor quality printing, and other common printer problems that drive offices to replace their printers. We’ll explore these common symptoms of a faulty printer below. Keep reading to discover if your printer needs replacing immediately.

Does your office printer need replacing? Copysonic’s range includes Canon, Brother, Xerox, Ricoh, HP, and more. Explore all of our new printers.

The six common symptoms that a printer needs replacing immediately

1. The security protocols are outdated.

old photocopier

Hackers know that small businesses are often vulnerable. That’s why almost half of all cyber attacks target Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs). While we go to great pains to secure our computers, many office printers remain unprotected. An information security system is only as strong as its weakest link — for many offices that’s their printer.

Is your printer up to date? Find out by checking if it has these three key features:

  • Encryption. Without encryption, a hacker could access your data as it moves through the network. If you have any sensitive documents you wouldn’t want competitors, customers or the public to see — encrypted printing is a must.
  • Authentication. It seems unlikely, but the theft of physical documents is a common occurrence — especially in busy offices. If a printer has an authentication set-up, businesses are protected because users must use a pin to verify their identity before the printer releases the documents.
  • Password protected scanning. This is an essential security feature that makes sure only the authorised people within a network are given access to the documents.  

Without these measures in place, your entire information system may be at risk. To discover what kinds of printers boast the latest security protocols, check out these HP models.

2. Printing costs have increased.

While printer repair bills are the easiest expenses to identify, it’s the hidden costs that hurt most. An outdated printer consumes ink and toner cartridges at a much faster rate.

Yet when printing costs rise, managers assume it’s because more pages are being printed. This is often a false assumption. Why? Often the printer is faulty and inefficient.

How can you identify whether your office is printing more, or the printer is faulty? Easy. Compare the average paper costs vs cartridge costs. If you’re spending more on ink compared to paper than previous periods, it’s clear a faulty printer is the culprit.

3. Poor quality printing.

Printers are high precision machines. They’re designed to deliver exactly the right amount of ink in precisely the correct location. Your office printer should do this every single time.

It’s a clear sign your printer is malfunctioning if your prints are poor quality. Here’s what to look for:

  • Faint or inconsistent ink
  • Blurry text and images
  • Smears
  • Uneven appearance

While the cause of these errors may be dirty print heads, most often the problem stems from mechanical wear. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix. This is usually a clear sign your office needs a new printer, such as Xerox printers, which are known for their reliability.

4. You’re having to wait because your printer is slow.

If your printer has become noticeably slower, the problem isn’t going to get better. In fact, it’s often a sign of more trouble to come. While you can simply put up with the slower printer until it becomes completely unusable, the best solution for a slow printer is to upgrade it, especially in any busy office environment. If you want to learn more, explore the OKI printer range, renowned for their speed.

5. Your printer jams.

printer paper jams

Printer jams are virtually non-existent in modern printers. If your printer jams and makes the entire office unproductive, that frustration will disappear entirely when you purchase a new office printer.

6. Your office printing needs have outgrown your current printers’ capabilities.

If you need a second machine to keep up with printing demand, obviously you need a new printer. But that isn’t the only way to expand your offices’ capabilities. Honestly, copying and scanning are a must have for any office today. So if your printer doesn’t provide those options, explore multifunctional printers.  

Your entire office will thank you when you purchase a new printer

Getting rid of a faulty printer is the main reason to purchase a new printer and photocopier for your office. Still, a new printer provides many other benefits:

  • A depreciation advantage. For small businesses, you can immediately deduct the business portion of most depreciating assets costing less than $30,000 each (the instant asset write-off threshold). So the entire cost of your printer can be written off this year.
  • Save time. Your new printer will be much faster and increase productivity.
  • Environmentally friendly. Newer printers are designed to be far more environmentally friendly and have recyclable parts built-in.
  • Save the business money. There will be more money available to spend on your team’s core business because upgraded printers are more efficient.
  • Better quality. Your documents will look more professional.
  • Multifunctional. With scanners, photocopiers, and printers all packaged together, it’ll make managing documents easier for your team. Plus you’ll be saving valuable space in the office.

At Copysonic, our team of trusted printer specialists can help you find the perfect printing solution for your office. We’re completely dedicated to our customers so that your office doesn’t have to put up with slow printing, poor quality, expensive printing, lax security, or printer jams.

Are you ready to replace your office printer? If so, check out Copysonic’s entire range of new printers, which include brands such as Canon, OKI, Xerox, Samsung, HP, and more.

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