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5 features your office photocopier should contain

Posted On 05/07/2022

Photocopier features to improve office workflow

Finding the right photocopier for your office is hard when you don’t know the right features you need. You’ll find hundreds of copiers available on the market today with their own unique selling points.

Photocopier features you’ll see may include ultra-fast printing speeds, large output trays, or even advanced security software to safeguard information. So how do you know which photocopier features your office will need?

The answer lies in knowing what these particular photocopier features are designed to achieve. You already know what your office requirements are. So choosing the right photocopier for your office really comes down to finding a model that can achieve everything your office needs it to.

To help you make the right choice, we’re counting down our top five picks for photocopier features for offices. You may be surprised to see just what features of copiers can help improve your office’s productivity.

Take the guesswork out of choosing a new office photocopier. Ask the experts at Copysonic for a copier recommendation.

Print speeds

Depending on office demands, printing speeds may be crucial to your office’s productivity. If you work in a large office where documents are printed regularly, don’t overlook a model’s printing speed before you purchase it.

When you’re looking at photocopier features, pay close attention to the model’s PPM (pages per minute). This term refers to the amount of time it takes for the photocopier to print a page of text in black ink. More detailed specs will also tell you how fast the model can produce colour prints if it has that capability.

A photocopier’s warm-up time can cause delays with your printing speeds too. Laser and LED printers require their toners to be heated up before they’re ready for printing. If your photocopier has its own standby mode, then you won’t have to wait minutes for your photocopier to prime itself for printing.

Paper tray capacity

Paper tray capacity

Most office photocopiers will have generously-sized paper trays for handling large volumes of prints. Paper trays are responsible for holding sheets before and after they’ve been printed.

If you print large documents like contracts and booklets on a regular basis, then your photocopier will need to have high capacity paper trays. Reloading paper trays can be a very time-consuming task if your staff members aren’t familiar with your model.

If your photocopier’s output tray isn’t large enough, it may have a tendency to overfill with printed documents. An overfilled output tray is likely to cause a paper jam that could hold up dozens of queued printing jobs.

Paper tray capacity is a good indicator of whether or not a photocopier can handle your office printing demands.


Cyber security

Your photocopier will have a hard drive to store all print jobs and faxes that come through. So your model has the potential to store gigabytes of sensitive company data. That’s why the data security measures of your photocopier should be just as important as any office computer.

With the flexibility of wireless and remote printing, comes the added risk of a cyber attack. However, you should be relieved to know that the latest photocopier features tend to include cyber-security to protect your documents.

So when it comes to choosing a new office copier, pay close attention to photocopier features that provide data security. Update the drivers on your photocopier, and you’ll always have the latest protection available.

We recommend HP’s enterprise-class photocopiers for reliable cyber security. HP models from the enterprise range can detect malware and prevent costly data leaks.

Wireless connectivity

Wireless connectivity

Most photocopiers available today will have wireless connectivity features. It only makes sense considering your office is probably full of computers connected to wireless networks.

Wireless connectivity enables your photocopier to receive printing jobs from devices via wireless connections such as wi-fi. When you’re choosing a new photocopier, it’s still worth checking the wireless capabilities of the model.

Some photocopiers may only enable you to print wirelessly within the confines of your office. If you’re after a model that can print documents from anywhere in the world, ensure it has cloud printing capabilities.

It’s also worth checking if the photocopier you have in mind is compatible with software such as Google’s cloud print software that can be used with IOS and android devices. We recommend SamsungEpson, and HP photocopiers for their seamless ability to interact with cloud printing software.

Binding tools

Binding tools

A model’s ability to bind documents together is one of those photocopier features that tend to get overlooked. Bindery tools are an essential feature for organising printed documents.

Bindery tools on a photocopier can have the ability to hole punch or even staple together your documents. Bindery photocopier features can save your staff valuable time that would have been wasted manually binding sheets together.

Bindery photocopier features can also save your office valuable workspace. There’s no need to dedicate extra storage space for large staplers and hole punchers that your staff would need to bind documents manually.

We recommend Canon andXerox photocopiers for excellent stapling features. The binder component of a photocopier may also be referred to as a ‘finisher’. So look out for this term when you need a model with bindery tools.

Ask the experts at Copysonic

At Copysonic, we understand how important it is to find photocopiers that will help achieve your office goals. We assess every client’s workplace requirements to determine the key photocopier features they really need; and the ones they don’t.

With years of experience maintaining and repairing copiers, our technicians can recommend the perfect model for your office. We’re committed to providing our clients with a fast and reliable printing solution.

Ask a printer technician with years of industry experience, contact Copysonic for a photocopier recommendation.

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